About Us

A little bit of information about us – here at SoMi Jewellery we utilise our vast experience in the jewellery trade to bring our customers high quality service as well as the best value product. Our product lines are selected for their skilled workmanship, high quality materials and of course, the latest in modern manufacturing standards.

Our speciality is high end fashion and sterling silver jewellery designed and made by skilled artisans. We have confidence in our product lines because they are well made and the guarantee we offer reflects this pride. We offer product lines that capture the look and classic timelessness of fine jewellery at an affordable price, without sacrificing the quality of each piece.

With many years of retailing experience behind us, we can confidently offer exceptional service to our customers. We feel that honest, high quality customer service is the key to business success and we look forward to furthering our commitment to longstanding business relationships with all our customers.

At SoMi jewellery we can offer a rewarding shopping experience as we constantly strive to conduct our business with fairness, honesty, integrity and respect for the needs of our customers.

Please note: We are an Internet and Mail Order Company based in Surrey, if you have any inquiries please send us an email via the Contact page.